Discount Eligibility Signups

Eligibility Requirements

Welcome to the Kings Garden Royal Deliveries discounts eligibility program. This program qualifies an individual to receive a flat 10% discount on all orders placed. Your discount will be auto applied to every order and will display the discount accordingly in the checkout screen. *

Kings Gardens’ way of saying

“Thank you for your service to our country.”

Please fill out the form and attach a copy of your VA ID, or any government issues military ID.

Please fill out the form and attach a copy of a First Responder ID.

To be eligible for senior discounts (60 Years Old+) you just need to submit an ID with your order and mention the senior discount in the order notes.

Eligibility Form

* The eligibility discount offers customers and patients 10% off their order at all times. This discount does not stack with other discounts/specials. (Happy Hour/Early Bird, Loyalty Point Discount Redemption, etc)┬áThis form isn’t considered a new customer signup/submission. You must already have an account with us to qualify for discount eligibility.