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Account Questions

What happens with the information I provide to Kings Garden Royal Deliveries?
Kings Garden Royal Deliveries prizes confidentiality for all our customers and patients, and thus keeps all medical records strictly confidential. We do not share your personal information with anyone. Your information is only used for processing your orders. Customer and Patient records will only be disclosed at the written request of the customer/patient.
How do I register as a new member?
  1. Add products to your shopping cart. When you’ve got all the items you want in your cart, click “Checkout” at the top right corner of the menu.
  2. Choose “Delivery”, enter any order notes, and then click “Place Order”.
  3. If this is your first order, create an account with us, you will need to upload your current ID and Medical Recommendation (if applicable). An account is required for Delivery and Pre-ordering.
  4. We’ll be on our way as soon as we verify your membership and process your order! Most deliveries are completed within 45-60 minutes.
    1. If you have any questions related to Delivery Services, please call 760-999-0061.

General Questions

What is considered a valid form of ID?

Valid, Unexpired U.S. photo driver license or photo ID card, License from another country

  • U.S. Department of State Driver’s License also acceptable.

Valid, Unexpired United States Passport

Valid, Unexpired Foreign Passport

  • Foreign passports must contain a Valid United States Visa or I-94 to be used as a primary proof of identification.
  • Foreign passports, not issued in English, must be translated and accompanied by a Certificate of Accurate Translation. Passports are not acceptable if expired.
If your form of ID appears to be tampered (cut, taped, pricked, hole punched, glued-on photos, etc) it will not be accepted and you will need to resubmit a valid form of ID.
Who will be delivering my order?
A clean, discrete, and knowledgeable caregiver will deliver your product. When the driver starts your delivery you will be notified of an ETA. When the driver is nearing arrival, you will receive a text message the driver is waiting for you with your delivery. We understand and respect your privacy.
Will I be asked to show my ID?
Yes. We will ask to see a valid copy of your driver's license/ID Card or a passport each time we make a delivery. There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule!
Are vendor inquiries welcomed?
Yes, licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors are highly encouraged to contact us to discuss further. Please click to find out more.
Do you have a walk-in dispensary I can visit?
No, currently we are a delivery-only service.
Is this legal?
MAUCRSA authorizes a licensee who obtains a retailer, microbusiness, or a specified type of nonprofit to deliver cannabis or cannabis products, and imposes requirements on the delivery of cannabis or cannabis products. Deliveries, as defined in this division, may only be made by a licensed retailer or microbusiness, or a licensed nonprofit under Section 26070.5.

Loyalty Points & Rewards Questions

How do I spend my loyalty points?
On your next order with us, you will notice if you're logged into your account  and you have enough points, you can "redeem" a reward. These rewards can periodically change overtime and will be listed under the "Loyalty Rewards" page on our website.
How are loyalty points generated?
Currently there is two ways to generate loyalty points:
  1. For every order you will generate 1 Loyalty Point.
  2. For every $100 you spend in that order will generate an additional 1 Loyalty Point.
Example: If Jimmy purchased $500 of cannabis before taxes, Jimmy has generated ONE point for his order and an additional FIVE points for the order amount. Jimmy now has a total of 6 loyalty points on his account he can then use on his next purchase to redeem for rewards.
Is there a customer loyalty program?
Yes! Every time you receive an order from us you will also receive a point on your account. With enough points, you can use the "redeem" button during your checkout and see what rewards are available!

Post-sales Questions

Is it normal to tip the driver?
Yes! There are no delivery charges added to your order. It is perfectly normal, in fact we recommend rewarding your driver for awesomeness.
Does the driver have change?
Our drivers only carry less than $20 change on them.

Pre-sales Questions

How do I upload my Doctor’s Recommendation? (Medical Patient)
Any users who carry a doctor's recommendation or medical marijuana identification state card can upload a copy of their identification. Click here to access the upload page
Do I get discounts for having a recommendation?
Current BCC regulations states that patients/customers who have a physician's recommendation are able to purchase more cannabis than a recreational customer. Recommendation holders can purchase up to eight ounces (8oz) of cannabis flower. Qualified patients and their caregivers may apply for and be issued an state identification card through their county of residence. This card can be used to verify that a patient and/or caregiver has authorization to possess, grow, transport and/or use medical marijuana in California. For more information on the Medical Marijuana Identification Card please visit your county of residence's website. For riverside county residents visit: http://www.rivcommic.org/
Can I place an order for a family member or friend?
It is required by state law for each user to have their own separate accounts with their identification uploaded. With permission from the account owner, a designated person can place the order on the other user's behalf. However, a confirmation must be made with dispatch prior to delivery and when the delivery driver arrives the registered user to the account must be the one to receive and pay for the order.
Do you include taxes on your menu pricing?
No, all applicable local and state taxes are excluded from product prices on menu listing. All applicable local and state taxes will be applied during the checkout process.
I’m ordering before 10am, how do I apply the early bird discount to my order?
There currently isn't a promotion code for early bird discounts. The promotion will be applied if your order qualifies after you have submitted your order through the "Online Ordering" system.
Is there a limit to how much I can purchase?
Yes, adult-use members may only purchase up to 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis in a single day. Additionally  adult-use members may only purchase up to no more than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis in a single day. For medicinal cannabis members, you may only purchase up to eight ounces of medicinal cannabis in a single day unless a physician’s recommendation contains a recommendation for a different amount.
Will I be charged additional sales tax?
Yes there are three additional taxes: an excise tax (15%), a Palm Springs city excise tax (10%) and a sales & use tax (9.25%). All applicable local and state taxes are excluded from product prices on menu listings and will be included in the digital or physical receipt. A digital copy of your order which includes detailed descriptions of all cannabis related goods requested for delivery will always be available for you to see under the "Online Ordering" page.
Do you charge for delivery?
No, we do not charge for delivery. We only require the order to meet the minimum order requirement based on the destination city.